Imagine *finally* booking that epic elopement destination that you’ve always dreamt of.. And you didn’t even have to offer

Imagine *finally* booking that epic elopement destination that you’ve always dreamt of.. And you didn’t even have to offer                                                        

"pay for my travel & i'll photograph it for free!"

In fact, you’ll actually make a profit off of it.

You’ve built an incredible brand

So you’ve decided you want to be a

destination adventure elopement photographer.

you have your goals set, vision on lock and your workflow tuned.

You’ve been grinding away on the ‘gram

keeping up with all of the reels & trends – and truthfully, it’s been exhausting.

You created a travel bucket-list and blasted it everywhere

but your actual inquiries for those locations have been radio silent.

Despite the fact that you don’t yet have photos of those epic locations you want to book at

you’ve been working your butt off marketing them the best that you can… but the inquires just aren’t rolling in.

If I’m being honest, the lack of destination elopement inquiries is starting to make imposter syndrome creep in

you’re really starting to feel like “when am I ever going to be good enough?”

Then I’m so glad you’re here, because you’re definitely in the right place.

nodding along so far?

does this also sound familiar?

You’ve marketed yourself as a “destination photographer” and put “Fly me anywhere ✈️” on your website, insta bio and pretty much anywhere else you could – with crickets in your actual inbox.

You really want to book all-day elopements in your bucket-list locations with couples that value you & the true elopement experience, and you’ve even offered “pay for my travel & I’ll shoot your elopement for free!” but it still hasn’t clicked the way you hoped it would

You spend hours doom scrolling on the gram - reeling over all of the dreamy destinations that you see other photographers traveling to, and honestly, you’re starting to feel like you’ll never be good enough.

You’re ready to let go and ditch the traditional wedding worldbut you haven’t even photographed an elopement yet.

all you really want is to have an entire year solely booked out with dream all-day elopements in bucket-list locations — you see other elopement photographer’s living this every single day, and you’re discouraged that that’s not your reality yet.

and at the end of the day -

Believe me when I say I get it… because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

You don’t have actual photos of realistic all-day Adventure Elopements in the epic-AF destinations you want to book.

And the missing key? The reason you aren’t getting inquiries in these locations?

You can book out your calendar with all-day adventure elopements in those epic-AF bucket-list destinations even if you haven’t booked an elopement yet.

But here’s the good news…

Just imagine what that would actually be like:

No more spinning your wheels, shouting from rooftops that you’re a “Destination Elopement Photographer” – now you get to show-up with REAL epic destination elopement content and prove that you’ve been the destination expert all-along.

You got your very first international elopement inquiry, and your heart drops – it’s in PATAGONIA .. a destination that you’ve had on the top of your bucket-list for years. And the couple is so stoked to find you through all of your expertise and guidance.

You open up your Google calendar and see 6 international destination elopements in the next 2 months – you’re doing all of the things you once saw on the ‘gram: traveling, adventuring, exploring and so beyond thankful to call this your JOB.

A “pinch me” moment… you’re photographing your dream elopement, a helicopter glacier-landing and get offered the opportunity to jump in the icy blue glacier pools – a true once in a lifetime experience

You flip open your passport book to find it absolutely filled – Iceland, Norway, Italy, Greece … you name it and it’s on there. This is no longer just a dream, it’s become your real life.

all of that can be your reality

after you attend...

An Elope Academy Retreat is a 4-Day International Elopement Retreat consisting of epic-AF realistic multi-day Adventure Elopement content shoots, thrilling local adventure excursions, luxury overnight lodging, and entirely immersive experience of the local culture.

It has everything you need to curate a true destination elopement portfolio & gain authentic adventure elopement experience.

Even if you haven’t even booked an elopement, or gotten a destination inquiry yet


choose your


torres del paine NP, patagonia

february 24-27, 2024

Adventure to Earth's southernmost wilderness: Patagonia. Explore the vast beauty of Torres Del Paine National Park with us as we storytell the most incredible multi-day adventure elopement experiences. Trek through the Andean peaks, glacier blue waters and chilean scenery. We're taking on this 4-day retreat by storm, jam-packed with the most adventure-filled itinerary paired with relaxing at a luxury boutique hotel every single night. Join us in this epic Patagonian adventure.

more info

south coast, iceland

august 26-29, 2024

Explore one of the most unknown and remote islands on Earth: Iceland. Journey with us as we trailblaze through this nordic southern coast. Experience the wild different sceneries: from black sand beaches, remote fjords, towering waterfalls, natural hot springs and so much more. We're taking on a 4x4 F-Road to visit some of the most vast parts that Iceland has to offer. During our 4-day retreat, we will find our home base at a unique A-Frame retreat lakeside in Hella. Join us in this epic Icelandic adventure.

more info

sold out!

5 spots left!

amalfi coast, italy

APRIL 18-21 OR 21-24, 2025

Discover one of the world's top elopement locations: The Amalfi Coast, Italy. Adventure with us as we explore this rugged coastline filled with the most eclectic Italian towns. Experience the coastline from the sea: where we will not only be taking part on one adventure elopement excursion, but TWO. We're exploring the Amalfi Coastline on a boat and overlooking the iconic Positano during sunset for an epic boat elopement. We are also setting sail for an all-day trip to the island of Capri, where we will seeing the towering dramatic cliffs and rock formations and even get an opportunity to jump in! During our 4-day retreat, we will find our home base at a luxury seaside villa in Amalfi -- which is also an iconic wedding venue!

more info

3 spots left!

Attending an Elope Academy Retreat is the missing link that will help you finally become a Destination Adventure Elopement Photographer.


You’ll get real-world elopement experience, gain cultural insight from exploring the area, learn the logistics of photographing in that country, and leave with bounds of knowledge to be able to bring in destination elopements

Who am I to teach you how to become a Destination Elopement Photographer?

First hi, I’m Kasey Jo

I used to be exactly where you are... feeling like I wasn’t good enough and never understanding what I was doing wrong, and getting nowhere trying to become that photographer traveling the world to most remote locations & photographing the most epic elopements.

I spent YEARS and more money than I can count doing allllll the things… offering my services for basically free, attending random workshops/retreats/content days that left me unfulfilled and frustrated, applying every bit of knowledge that I got from any industry “educator” ... you name it, I tried it.

Then I learned the power of attending intentional and realistic adventure elopement content shoots. And boom – it all clicked for me.

I’ve taken everything that I learned on my journey and put it into Elope Academy Retreats because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was on my path to becoming a destination adventure elopement photographer.

It’s my mission to help as many elopement photographers as possible skip past by simply focusing on what works.

The Elope Academy Retreats would have saved me SO MUCH time & energy. I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.

meet kasey

there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!

I have attended seven of Kasey's retreats/content days and let me tell you one thing - there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!! My business would not be where it is today if I didn't invest time and time again in Elope Academy's retreat and content days. I have gained so much knowledge in the craft of photography at its core, in business education, posing, location scouting, the list goes on. I have also made so many connections and made amazing friends that I never would have met without these events. 5 years ago I took a leap of faith in attending my first ever retreat with Kasey, and today I am a successful, six figure business woman who gets paid to travel and capture love stories. I am truly living my dream, and I could not have gotten here if it weren't for everything that I have gained attending seven of these events! <3

- Emily Watkins, Emily Watkins Photo

Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success.

“I have been on a few different styled shoots to help build my photography business, but Elope Academy’s styled shoot COMPLETELY stands out. That shoot was, by far, my favorite that I have attended because of several reasons. 

1. The locations that they chose are amazing. They know how to handle the logistics so that you are able to take full advantage of the destination and walk away with truly beautiful photos for your portfolio. They have 3 separate couples, 3 different locations, and each couple had an outfit change so you really got 6-9 different shoots out of the one day. It was AMAZING. She took her time seriously and made it really worth it. 

2. The culture of friendship amongst every attendee at the styled shoot was amazing. Most styled shoots can feel awkward or even competitive..They created a space that felt safe so ask questions and learn from each other. I was a very green photographer as I felt affirmed in my abilities by every single person who attended. I completely give credit to them for choosing individuals and setting the tone so that it unlocked everyone's barriers. We were all good friends, fast. This detail alone allowed me to feel brave and experimental with my art and I learned more because of it. 

3. Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success. She stopped and gave me 1-on-1 attention to learn new techniques so that I could succeed. She encouraged and offered any and all wisdom... AND she took the time to grab headshots of me so that I could have that for my business too! She is truly in this for the right reasons and wants to help photographers build their dream careers and feel confident in it! 

I cannot say enough good things. I loved every second of my experience. Thank you for being a launching pad for my, now, full-time photography career!

- Kait Hubbard, Kait Hubbard Photography

These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.

“Attending Kasey Jo's retreats and content days has been an incredibly uplifting experience. Kasey's relaxed and welcoming energy, combined with her creativity, makes every event special. It's amazing to photograph real couples in stunning locations and to connect with fellow photographers. I've been to four of her content days and the Dolomites Retreat, each unique and beautiful, especially the ones in Dolomites and Grand Teton with their majestic mountains and horses.

These events have helped me grow my network, leading to new bookings and an increase in my social media engagement. A highlight was booking a surprise proposal in the Dolomites, a chance that came directly from attending the retreat. My work from these retreats has significantly boosted my elopements bookings in Upstate NY and the Catskills.

One of my favorite moments was encountering draft horses in the mountains, creating magical photo opportunities, and the joy of sharing dinner and laughs with everyone, especially during a memorable palm reading session with lemoncellos in the Dolomites. These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.” 

- Corey Lynn Tucker, Elope with Corey

3 Multi-day Adventure Elopements:
3 Couples / 6 shoots / 3 Elopements / 3 Casual shoots

But let’s not just call them “Styled Shoots”. These shoots mimic real elopements. They are planned out from beginning to end, just like an actual elopement. You’re walking away with so much more than “pretty photos” for your hero website image and viral-potential insta post. You’re walking away with a full realistic gallery of a real elopement experience. We’re creating intentional images built upon our storytelling methods – allowing your potential clients to truly envision themselves in this story. 

Picture these kinds of moments:

✨A day-before elopement shoot in casual clothes – cuddled up in an icelandic glass lodge underneath the Northern Lights
✨A day-before elopement shoot in their swimsuits, cliff-jumping into the Aegean Sea
✨A slow morning of their elopement, sipping coffee & lounging underneath the bed sheets
✨Helping each other get their dress and suit on – lit only by the lanterns in their glamping tent on a Glacier in Alaska
✨Writing their vows separately before they embark on the helicopter ride to their remote ceremony location
✨Sharing a homemade italian picnic atop the most remote mountain in the Dolomites
✨Jumping in the freezing glacier pools to celebrate their day
✨Celebrating with a sunset catamaran sail in the Aegean Sea of the Greek Islands
✨Ending the night dancing under the nordic stars

3 Nights + 4 Days of Luxury Overnight Lodging

Whether that looks like a Chilean Villa Seaside in Patagonia, A Lakeside A-Frame Retreat in the fjords of Iceland or Glamping *on* a Glacier in remote Alaska. You’ll have the full luxury experience of staying at the most unique lodging that the area has to offer.

A focus on diversity and inclusivity

Eloping is for everyone. And it’s important for us to showcase that in every single aspect of our businesses. Elope Academy prioritizes couples that are local to the culture of the area that we are traveling to, as well as BIPOC & LGBTQ+ couples.

An Informational Guide of the Area

As soon as you sign-up, I’ll send you a full informational guide with everything you need to know. The best way to travel to our retreat, activities in the area if you’re choosing to extend your stay, favorite recreational hikes & things to see – everything that you (and your future elopement couples 😉) would need to know traveling to the area for the very first time!

VIP Attendee chat Group

You’ll get immediate access to a VIP group with all of your fellow attendee friends! Most attendees come alone – not knowing anyone that’s going! This is a great way to meet the others & plan any carpools/coordinate travel/share lodging!

Networking & Community

You’re going to be immersed in this retreat experience with 20 other elopement photographers who are exactly where you are. You’re going to leave this retreat with so much more than just content & a unique experience. You’re going to leave with lifelong friends and elopement-industry connections. It’s not something that most attendees think about before attending, but it’s a takeaway that ends up becoming priceless.


An Elope Academy Retreat is a 4-Day International Elopement Retreat consisting of epic-AF realistic multi-day Adventure Elopement content shoots, thrilling local adventure excursions, luxury overnight lodging, and entirely immersive experience of the local culture.

let's breakdown the elope academy retreat

An Adventure Excursion Experience

An iconic excursion that will double as an adventure elopement excursion. Bringing you the most epic once in a lifetime experience, as well as the elopement content to be able to show your couples! We’ve taken a Helicopter tour to an Alaskan Glacier followed by jumping in freezing glacier blue pools, sailed the Aegean Sea in Greece on a Catamaran, took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, toured Acadia National Park in a Seaplane, and taken a 4x4 F-Road with river crossings in Iceland. Always seeking the next adventure excursion!

A complete immersive experience to the local culture & cuisine

We will be exploring the most iconic, remote locations that the country has to offer. Everyone will be given the opportunity to explore together & dine together! You’ll receive top recommendations given by locals & the community to the best eateries & most authentic restaurants. 

An Intimate Retreat Experience

Because we’ve all been there – knocking elbows and fighting for the center shot. But that won’t be here. Our shooting groups will stay small. And the photographer’s you’re shooting alongside? You’ll call those your friends. An intimate setting for fun adventurous excursions, exploring the local cuisine and creating an adventure of a lifetime.

epic elopement experience?

are you ready for this

if        is the right answer for you,
get ready to experience results like:


✔️ Become a destination adventure elopement expert by showcasing REAL imagery paired with real world experience in the top iconic international destinations

✔️ Inspire your elopement couples to choose epic adventure excursions through your storytelling imagery

✔️ Book out your travel schedule with all-day adventure elopements in your bucket-list locations

✔️ And finally have that epic elopement photography business that you've always dreamt of.

here's everything you'll walk away with:

Photos of 3 Multi-Day Adventure Elopements

3 Nights, 4 Days Luxury Overnight Lodging

An Adventure Excursion Experience

An Informational Guide of the Area

Access to the VIP Attendee Group

Friends for a Lifetime

torres del paine np, Patagonia

february 24-27, 2025

more info

south coast, iceland

august 26-29, 2024

more info

amalfi coast, italy

april 18-21 or 21-24, 2025

more info

how it works:

apply for the retreat via application link on retreat webpage

step one

I’ll review your application – if accepted you’ll receive a “You’re accepted!” email

step two

You’ll have 24 hours to sign your retreat contract & make your first payment

step three

You’re IN! And I’m so stoked to have you along

step four

Can’t make it to any of these Retreats?  Sign up for the waitlist at the bottom of this page for future  2025 Retreats!

At the retreat, you could be experiencing life-changing moments photographing the most epic adventure elopements which means that this could be the key-turning point for your business.

2 months after the retreat, you could be reeling in destination adventure elopement inquiries with the abundance of content & knowledge from the retreat which means you’re one step closer to the dream job that you’ve been asking for.

And in a year after the retreat, you could have an entire bucket-list destination travel schedule booked out with the most epic adventure elopements.

now you've got       choices:



Close this page and keep doing what you’ve been doing... exhausting all of your energy, discounting your services, and wishing you were where you want to be. 


Apply for your spot in the next Elope Academy Retreat and take the first step towards becoming the destination adventure elopement photographer.

you know which option i'm voting for.


But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and follow the proven roadmap to becoming the adventure elopement photographer.


you might be wondering...

These retreats are put on with INTENTION. Intentional, realistic elopement content that your ideal client can truly see themselves in. My drive as a host and business coach is seeing my students succeed – everything that is showcased in each content day is very meticulously planned out and strategically mapped out to bring your business exactly where you want it to be.

Absolutely 100%! It’s not only important to showcase diversity in your portfolio – but it’s also important to show that eloping is for everyone. Elope Academy prioritizes couples that are local to the culture of the area that we are traveling to, as well as BIPOC & LGBTQ+ couples.

Leave No Trace is very important for us to understand & educate our attendees – especially since we are often working in nature. I am a Leave No Trace certified photographer – having researched and completed a course. Beyond this, Elope Academy educates each and every attendee on best practices for our impact on the environment and continues to educate while on the “field”.

It's very important to us to keep the shooting groups small, and include two of our couples at each shoot location! This ensures that we can break the group up into two small groups, and rotate equally between each couple. We want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity at shooting, and that everyone has the opportunity to be photographing at all times during the shoots! This process has worked SO well!

If you are looking for a retreat before applications open, you can be put on the waitlist here. When/if applications are open, you’ll submit your application on that retreat’s webpage. If you are accepted, you’ll receive an email with the contract & invoice for the first payment. The contract must be signed & invoice paid within 24 hours of receiving to secure your spot.

As soon as you sign the contract & pay the first payment, you’re officially in! You’ll receive the informational guide to the area, access to the VIP attendee group as well as everything you need to know to prepare for the retreat!

Payment dates are dependent on which retreat & payment plan you choose. Payments are evenly spread out between signing up & 30 days prior to the retreat.

You can sell your ticket to another interested attendee! All previous paid payments will be transferred to you from the new attendee, and they will take over all future payments! If you can no longer attend, inform us via email and we have resources for selling tickets & will outline the next steps.

Absolutely! All attendees will have access to the VIP attendee group – where you can coordinate travel and/or carpools with other attendees! Attendees often come to retreats not knowing anyone else, so this is a great way to meet beforehand!

Great! Please send me an email via the contact form here! 

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not an Elope Academy retreat is right for you.

Here’s exactly how to know:

An Elope Academy retreat
is for you if:

You desire to book bucket-list destination adventure elopements

You want to showcase the potential of multi-day elopements with adventure excursions to your couples

You’re dreaming of visiting your bucket-list destination paired with an epic 4-day itinerary filled with the things you love most.

You’re longing for a group of industry lifelong friends and networking opportunities (because hey, we don’t have any co-workers!)

An Elope Academy retreat
 isn't for you if:

You have no desire to book bucket-list destination adventure elopements

You’re so booked out that you don’t have the availability in your calendar to make time for attending a 4-Day retreat.

You don’t enjoy traveling or adventure

You aren't open to being in a group setting with other like-minded photographers

If you read through that list and you’re STILL unsure…

If your #1 business goal is to become a destination adventure elopement photographer… What is your next move on reaching that goal? Do you have a solid, actionable plan? Or are you trying what you can, and seeing what sticks? If it’s the latter, then it’s time to make a real move towards that goal. I’m here with the solution for you, but it’s your turn to take that next step.

so.. what do you say?

Are you ready to book out your season with bucket-list destination elopements?

i'm ready, kasey!

download the free

From Inquiry To Raving Client:
The Ultimate Elopement Workflow

Craft a workflow that works for you and YOUR business, step-by-step!

Gain your time (and energy!) back by automating every step possible

Create a raving 5-star client experience (even with your very first elopement!) - hello, 5-star Google reviews! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Take an afternoon to implement my proven workflow into your business, and you’ll never have to worry how to best serve your elopement couples again!