Retreats & business coaching for elopement photographers

does that sound too good to be true?

all while profiting over six figures

Book out your 2024 season with dream elopements and couples that value you and your experience, and travel to your bucket-list locations...

i get it -

because right now you're...

Commenting on every single “ISO Photographer for my elopement” facebook post, pouring your heart into your sales pitch… amongst 82 other photographers

Feeling like your only option on getting to shoot those dreamy destination elopements is by posting “fly me to these locations + I’ll shoot your wedding for free!”

Stuck in the endless cycle of wanting to attract dream clients in bucket list locations, but you don't have the right content to market to them with - but how can you get content to market without those bookings!?

Hustling and trying to keep up with every single viral reel/tiktok trend, spending hours every day on socials with no results (except a screen time report that shows an average 8+ hours per day)

Feeling overwhelmed thinking “the elopement photography market is so oversaturated” (get ready to bust that myth!)

if you have that -

"yes... this is me"

feeling in your gut, then welcome - you’ve made it to the right place.

hey, i'm
kasey jo

business coach & retreat host at elope academy
elopement photographer at elope with kasey jo

i was in your shoes 5 years ago

I was spending my wedding weekends in banquet halls and golf courses, dreaming about when I could finally say “see-ya" and build an elopement travel schedule that brought me more happiness (and success). I was shooting weddings that I wasn’t stoked about, living retainer to retainer and wasting money (and time) on cookie-cutter online courses to “become an elopement photographer” that just weren’t tailored to my business needs.

Now I have 20 of my dream elopements on my 2024 calendar.

Intentionally saying “yes”, intentionally taking on less, and very intentionally making way more.

meet kasey

so let’s imagine what your business can look like 

by the end of this year...

You’re getting booked by couples who truly value you & want to create an epic elopement experience with you.

You’re creating your own travel schedule, and booking bucket-list destinations (and getting hella paid to do it)

You’re not chasing the sale, you nailed down your processes of how to correctly market your content with strategy

Your business is running on autopilot, you’re bringing in consistent quality leads without spending hours on social media (hellooo SEO, email marketing + paid advertising)

You have the resources & cash flow to build a team to outsource those dreadful tasks

And you’re finally *profiting* over six figures

Imagine even achieving just ONE of those things.

there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!

I have attended seven of Kasey's retreats/content days and let me tell you one thing - there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!! My business would not be where it is today if I didn't invest time and time again in Elope Academy's retreat and content days. I have gained so much knowledge in the craft of photography at its core, in business education, posing, location scouting, the list goes on. I have also made so many connections and made amazing friends that I never would have met without these events. 5 years ago I took a leap of faith in attending my first ever retreat with Kasey, and today I am a successful, six figure business woman who gets paid to travel and capture love stories. I am truly living my dream, and I could not have gotten here if it weren't for everything that I have gained attending seven of these events! <3

- Emily Watkins, Emily Watkins Photo

Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success.

“I have been on a few different styled shoots to help build my photography business, but Elope Academy’s styled shoot COMPLETELY stands out. That shoot was, by far, my favorite that I have attended because of several reasons. 

1. The locations that they chose are amazing. They know how to handle the logistics so that you are able to take full advantage of the destination and walk away with truly beautiful photos for your portfolio. They have 3 separate couples, 3 different locations, and each couple had an outfit change so you really got 6-9 different shoots out of the one day. It was AMAZING. She took her time seriously and made it really worth it. 

2. The culture of friendship amongst every attendee at the styled shoot was amazing. Most styled shoots can feel awkward or even competitive..They created a space that felt safe so ask questions and learn from each other. I was a very green photographer as I felt affirmed in my abilities by every single person who attended. I completely give credit to them for choosing individuals and setting the tone so that it unlocked everyone's barriers. We were all good friends, fast. This detail alone allowed me to feel brave and experimental with my art and I learned more because of it. 

3. Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success. She stopped and gave me 1-on-1 attention to learn new techniques so that I could succeed. She encouraged and offered any and all wisdom... AND she took the time to grab headshots of me so that I could have that for my business too! She is truly in this for the right reasons and wants to help photographers build their dream careers and feel confident in it! 

I cannot say enough good things. I loved every second of my experience. Thank you for being a launching pad for my, now, full-time photography career!

- Kait Hubbard, Kait Hubbard Photography

These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.

“Attending Kasey Jo's retreats and content days has been an incredibly uplifting experience. Kasey's relaxed and welcoming energy, combined with her creativity, makes every event special. It's amazing to photograph real couples in stunning locations and to connect with fellow photographers. I've been to four of her content days and the Dolomites Retreat, each unique and beautiful, especially the ones in Dolomites and Grand Teton with their majestic mountains and horses.

These events have helped me grow my network, leading to new bookings and an increase in my social media engagement. A highlight was booking a surprise proposal in the Dolomites, a chance that came directly from attending the retreat. My work from these retreats has significantly boosted my elopements bookings in Upstate NY and the Catskills.

One of my favorite moments was encountering draft horses in the mountains, creating magical photo opportunities, and the joy of sharing dinner and laughs with everyone, especially during a memorable palm reading session with lemoncellos in the Dolomites. These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.” 

- Corey Lynn Tucker, Elope with Corey

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the intensive

The Elope Academy Intensive is an 8-week group coaching program that will show you how to book out a full season of epic-AF all-day adventure elopements in your bucket-list locations, all while *profiting* 6-figures (and beyond).

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content days

Elope Academy Content Days are 1-day adventure content days with a focus on realistic & intentional all-day elopements. These content days are held in the top U.S. places to elope -- National Parks! These content days leave you with two complete all-day adventure elopements to be able to market with.


Elope Academy Retreats are 4-day international retreats with a focus on realistic & intentional all-day & multi-day adventure elopements. Inclusive of epic immersive luxury lodging, unique elopement excursions & a curated timeline to see the best that the country has to offer. Leaving you with a full portfolio of realistic elopement content to be able to market with.

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It's my mission to share my proven roadmap, processes, and strategies with you because

I want your business to feel as epic as mine does.

why elope academy

whatever your vision is - 

whether it's...

Traveling more or Spending more intentional time at home

Booking more elopements or Booking more intentionally

Working less, Making more or [let’s face it - yeah working less making more!]

My drive is seeing you succeed.
And I can only help you if you make the first leap.

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