Build your adventure elopement portfolio in just…

one day

I’ll answer for you:

Are you an elopement photographer who desperately needs some fresh content?

… Dying to shoot more elopements, but you have no idea how to market them because the truth is:  you’ve only done a few adventurous shoots.

… A super experienced photographer so your systems and processes are in place, you know how to book couples and deliver a stellar experience. You’ve nailed your editing style, you have the gear you’ve always wanted and your website is ready to go. You know you can do elopement photography and do it well.

… Just getting into photography, but you know elopements are where you and your camera belong. Your heart is ready for adventure and all you want is to photograph couples in love, on the best day of their life.

Whoever you are, you’re stuck on the same thing. Fresh content to market the crap out of the amazing thing you’ve got going on.

yes, yes you do.

maybe you are...

Tens of thousands of couples are choosing to elope every year. And that number keeps growing. And because more photographers are starting to hop on the elopement train, you need to have proof that you know what you’re doing. You need to show that you can photograph that beautiful light streaming through forest trees. You need epic portraits on the mountaintops and glaciers. You need to showcase not only your talent in composing a photo and posing a couple - but also your expert guidance as an elopement photographer.

Elope Academy Content Days will help you show your potential clients that you can do all that and more.

Each content day is a 1-day event from sunrise to sunset full of realistic adventure elopements for you to practice your skill and niche your portfolio.

But let’s not just call them “Styled Shoots” -

These shoots mimic real elopements. They are planned out from beginning to end, just like an actual elopement. You’re walking away with so much more than “pretty photos” for your hero website image and viral-potential insta post.

You’re going to walk away with a full realistic gallery of a real elopement experience. We’re creating intentional images built upon our storytelling methods – allowing your potential clients to truly envision themselves in this story. 

✨A day-before elopement shoot in casual clothes – cuddled up in an glamping tent outside of Glacier National Park

✨A day-before elopement shoot in their swimsuits, cliff-jumping into alpine glacial lake

✨A slow morning of their elopement, sipping coffee & lounging underneath the bed sheets

✨Helping each other get their dress and suit on – lit only by the lanterns on the trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park

✨Writing their vows separately before they embark on the wildest 4x4 jeep tour in the remote San Juans of Colorado

✨Kayaking on the iconic glacier-blue lakes of Banff National Park

✨ Ending the night dancing under the stars in the Tetons

picture these kinds of moments:

We’ll organize everything -

scouting the most remote epic locations, bringing you the most diverse genuine couples & give you an opportunity to create your best art.

You’ll walk away with content that shows you as the elopement expert you are.

An Elope Academy Content Day is a 1-Day event consisting of epic-AF realistic multi-day Adventure Elopement content shoots in the most remote and elopement-worthy locations in the U.S.

Welcome to...

content days

Two “2-Day” Adventure Elopements:
2 Couples / 4 shoots / 2 Elopements / 2 Casual shoots

But let’s not just call them “Styled Shoots”. These shoots mimic real elopements. They are planned out from beginning to end, just like an actual elopement. You’re walking away with so much more than “pretty photos” for your hero website image and viral-potential insta post. You’re walking away with a full realistic gallery of a real elopement experience. We’re creating intentional images built upon our storytelling methods – allowing your potential clients to truly envision themselves in this story. 

An Intimate Content Day Experience

Because we’ve all been there – knocking elbows and fighting for the center shot. But that won’t be here. Our shooting groups will stay small. And the photographer’s you’re shooting alongside? You’ll call those your friends. An intimate setting for fun elopement adventures, exploring our National Parks together and creating an adventure of a lifetime.

A focus on diversity and inclusivity

Eloping is for everyone. And it’s important for us to showcase that in every single aspect of our businesses. Elope Academy prioritizes couples that are local to the culture of the area that we are traveling to, as well as BIPOC & LGBTQ+ couples.

An Informational Guide of the Area

As soon as you sign-up, I’ll send you a full informational guide with everything you need to know. The best way to travel to our content day, where to stay locally, activities in the area, favorite recreational hikes & things to see – everything that you (and your future elopement couples 😉) would need to know traveling to the area for the very first time!

Guidance on obtaining special National Park Permitting and Knowledge of photographing inside of a National Park as well as Leave No Trace Principles

I will guide you through the process of obtaining special use permitting for the National Park. This is a process you will encounter when photographing your future elopement couples in National Parks, it’s very important to stay up to date on the rules & regulations that come with working inside of the National Parks! We will also go over the Leave No Trace principles and why it’s important to understand our impact on the environment that we work in!

VIP Attendee chat Group

You’ll get immediate access to a VIP group with all of your fellow attendee friends! Most attendees come alone – not knowing anyone that’s going! This is a great way to meet the others & plan any carpools/coordinate travel/share lodging!

Networking & Community

You’re going to be immersed in this content day experience with other elopement photographers who are exactly where you are. You’re going to leave this content day with so much more than just content & a unique experience. You’re going to leave with lifelong friends and elopement-industry connections. It’s not something that most attendees think about before attending, but it’s a takeaway that ends up becoming priceless.

So, what will you get?

epic elopement experience?

are you ready for this

if        is the right answer for you,
get ready to experience results like:


✔️ Become an adventure elopement expert by showcasing REAL imagery paired with real world experience in the top National Park elopement destinations in the U.S.

✔️ Inspire your elopement couples to choose epic adventure excursions through your storytelling imagery

✔️ Book out your travel schedule with all-day adventure elopements in your bucket-list National Park locations

✔️ And finally have that epic elopement photography business that you've always dreamt of.

here's everything you'll walk away with:

4 Shoots Total: 2 Couples / 2 adventure Elopements / 2 Casual “Day-before elopement” shoots

An Informational Guide of the Area

Guidance on Obtaining National Park Permitting

Access to the VIP Attendee Group

1 payment of $850

2 payments of $425

choose your


let's explore some of the best national parks for elopements!

how it works:

Choose a Content Day (or multiple!) that has available tickets that works for you

step one

Add your ticket to your cart & check-out

step two

Your spot is officially booked!

step three

You’ll receive an email shortly with all of the info & your content day contract!

step four

Can’t make it to any of this year’s content days? Check to see if an Elope Academy Retreat better aligns with your schedule – or sign up for the waitlist here for future content days!

Who am I to teach you how to become a Destination Elopement Photographer?

First hi, I’m Kasey Jo

I dove headfirst into elopements years ago and never looked back. I work hard to organize these content days because it’s exactly what I needed when I was first starting out.

And to be completely honest…

 … curating an intentional elopement experience styled shoot like this was hands-down the best thing I’ve ever invested in for myself and my business.

After just 3 months of consistently posting curated content solely on instagram, I went from having 5 elopements & weddings booked to having over 35 on my calendar.


I was able to double the value of my elopement & wedding packages.

This is the time to invest in your business. The images you’ll create at an Elope Academy Content Day can completely change the type of clientele that you’re bringing in.

meet kasey

there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!

I have attended seven of Kasey's retreats/content days and let me tell you one thing - there is a reason that I, like so many others, keep coming back!! My business would not be where it is today if I didn't invest time and time again in Elope Academy's retreat and content days. I have gained so much knowledge in the craft of photography at its core, in business education, posing, location scouting, the list goes on. I have also made so many connections and made amazing friends that I never would have met without these events. 5 years ago I took a leap of faith in attending my first ever retreat with Kasey, and today I am a successful, six figure business woman who gets paid to travel and capture love stories. I am truly living my dream, and I could not have gotten here if it weren't for everything that I have gained attending seven of these events! <3

- Emily Watkins, Emily Watkins Photo

Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success.

“I have been on a few different styled shoots to help build my photography business, but Elope Academy’s styled shoot COMPLETELY stands out. That shoot was, by far, my favorite that I have attended because of several reasons. 

1. The locations that they chose are amazing. They know how to handle the logistics so that you are able to take full advantage of the destination and walk away with truly beautiful photos for your portfolio. They have 3 separate couples, 3 different locations, and each couple had an outfit change so you really got 6-9 different shoots out of the one day. It was AMAZING. She took her time seriously and made it really worth it. 

2. The culture of friendship amongst every attendee at the styled shoot was amazing. Most styled shoots can feel awkward or even competitive..They created a space that felt safe so ask questions and learn from each other. I was a very green photographer as I felt affirmed in my abilities by every single person who attended. I completely give credit to them for choosing individuals and setting the tone so that it unlocked everyone's barriers. We were all good friends, fast. This detail alone allowed me to feel brave and experimental with my art and I learned more because of it. 

3. Most of all, Kasey ACTUALLY cares about your success. She stopped and gave me 1-on-1 attention to learn new techniques so that I could succeed. She encouraged and offered any and all wisdom... AND she took the time to grab headshots of me so that I could have that for my business too! She is truly in this for the right reasons and wants to help photographers build their dream careers and feel confident in it! 

I cannot say enough good things. I loved every second of my experience. Thank you for being a launching pad for my, now, full-time photography career!

- Kait Hubbard, Kait Hubbard Photography

These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.

“Attending Kasey Jo's retreats and content days has been an incredibly uplifting experience. Kasey's relaxed and welcoming energy, combined with her creativity, makes every event special. It's amazing to photograph real couples in stunning locations and to connect with fellow photographers. I've been to four of her content days and the Dolomites Retreat, each unique and beautiful, especially the ones in Dolomites and Grand Teton with their majestic mountains and horses.

These events have helped me grow my network, leading to new bookings and an increase in my social media engagement. A highlight was booking a surprise proposal in the Dolomites, a chance that came directly from attending the retreat. My work from these retreats has significantly boosted my elopements bookings in Upstate NY and the Catskills.

One of my favorite moments was encountering draft horses in the mountains, creating magical photo opportunities, and the joy of sharing dinner and laughs with everyone, especially during a memorable palm reading session with lemoncellos in the Dolomites. These retreats are pure magic, offering both professional growth and unforgettable experiences.” 

- Corey Lynn Tucker, Elope with Corey

At the content day, you could be experiencing life-changing moments photographing the most epic adventure elopements which means that this could be the key-turning point for your business.

2 months after the content day, you could be reeling in adventure elopement inquiries in your favorite National Parks with the abundance of content & National Park expertise from the content day which means you’re one step closer to the dream job that you’ve been asking for.

And in a year after the content day, you could have an entire bucket-list travel schedule booked out with the most epic adventure elopements.

so now you've got       choices:



Close this page and keep on keepin’ on... fumbling through hard drives searching for adventure-ish content to post, not being able to show what you actually want to shoot, and dreaming of the day that an inquiry pops into your inbox for your favorite National Park.


Grab your spot in an Elope Academy Content Day and take the first step towards becoming the adventure elopement photographer you’ve been dreaming of.

you know which option i'm voting for.


But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and follow the proven roadmap to becoming the adventure elopement photographer.


you might be wondering...

These content days are put on with INTENTION. Intentional, realistic elopement content that your ideal client can truly see themselves in. My drive as a host and business coach is seeing my students succeed – everything that is showcased in each content day is very meticulously planned out and strategically mapped out to bring your business exactly where you want it to be.

Absolutely 100%! It’s not only important to showcase diversity in your portfolio – but it’s also important to show that eloping is for everyone. Elope Academy prioritizes couples that are local to the culture of the area that we are traveling to, as well as BIPOC & LGBTQ+ couples.

Leave No Trace is very important for us to understand & educate our attendees – especially since we are often working in nature. I am a Leave No Trace certified photographer – having researched and completed a course. Beyond this, Elope Academy educates each and every attendee on best practices for our impact on the environment and continues to educate while on the “field”.

It's very important to us to keep the shooting groups small, and include two of our couples at each shoot location! This ensures that we can break the group up into two small groups, and rotate equally between each couple. We want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity at shooting, and that everyone has the opportunity to be photographing at all times during the shoots! This process has worked SO well!

When you click on the info for the desired content day(s) you'd like to attend, you can add your ticket to your cart here on the website. From there, you'll check-out and your ticket will be reserved! You'll then shortly receive and email with your content day contract & all of the info you need to know!

As soon as you sign the contract & pay the first payment, you’re officially in! You’ll receive the informational guide to the area, access to the VIP attendee group as well as everything you need to know to prepare for the content day!

If you choose the pay in 2 option, the 2nd payment is due 30 days before the content day.

You can sell your ticket to another interested attendee! All previous paid payments will be transferred to you from the new attendee, and they will take over all future payments! If you can no longer attend, inform us via email and we have resources for selling tickets & will outline the next steps.

Absolutely! All attendees will have access to the VIP attendee group – where you can coordinate travel and/or carpools with other attendees! Attendees often come to content days not knowing anyone else, so this is a great way to meet beforehand!

Great! Please send me an email via the contact form here! 

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not an Elope Academy Content Day is right for you.

Here’s exactly how to know:

An Elope Academy Content Day is for you if:

You desire to book bucket-list destination adventure elopements

You want to showcase the potential of multi-day elopements with adventure excursions to your couples

You’re dreaming of visiting your bucket-list destination paired with an epic 1-day itinerary filled with the things you love most.

You’re longing for a group of industry lifelong friends and networking opportunities (because hey, we don’t have any co-workers!)

An Elope Academy Content Day isn't for you if:

You have no desire to book bucket-list destination adventure elopements

You’re so booked out that you don’t have the availability in your calendar to make time for attending a content day

You don’t enjoy traveling or adventure

If you read through that list and you’re STILL unsure…

I will personally work with you to guarantee that you can make a return on your investment (plus most importantly – profit) with as little as 1 booking from your content that you obtain at the content day. You will leave this content day with enough content for multiple blogs, resource guides/landing pages, updated website imagery, instagram posts, paid advertising content, feature blog submissions, behind the scenes tiktoks/reels, pinterest pins and so much more. There are endless possibilities for you, but it’s up to you to make the next move.

so.. what do you say?

An Elope Academy Content Day is for you if:

Are you ready for an epic portfolio to book those dream adventure elopements?

i'm ready, kasey!

download the free

From Inquiry To Raving Client:
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Craft a workflow that works for you and YOUR business, step-by-step!

Gain your time (and energy!) back by automating every step possible

Create a raving 5-star client experience (even with your very first elopement!) - hello, 5-star Google reviews! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Take an afternoon to implement my proven workflow into your business, and you’ll never have to worry how to best serve your elopement couples again!